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Taking A Stand Against Elder Abuse

July is National Elder Abuse Awareness Month

So, what is elder abuse? Who does it impact?Abuse, neglect and exploitation of elders often is not obvious. It can occur anywhere--at a nursing home or other institution or even at home. It may affect seniors of any culture or race as well as different socio-economic groups. Elder abuse is any intentional or negligent act by a family member or caregiver that causes harm or serious risk of harm to a person age 65 or older.Some warning signs to look for in your family or friends include:
  • Unexplained withdrawal from normal activities or a sudden change in alertness or depression
  • Strained or tense relationships or frequent arguments between family members or caregivers and the elderly person
  • Poor hygiene, unattended medical needs, bedsores or unusual weight loss
  • Making threats, belittling, or other uses of power and control by loved ones or caregivers
  • Broken bones, bruises, pressure marks, abrasions or burns often accompanied by inconsistent explanations
  • Sudden changes in financial situations; for example, unpaid bills, abrupt asset transfers or changes to will
  • Much more information is available through the National Center on Elder Abuse (www.ncea.aoa.gov)
Elder abuse may be a crime under Minnesota law depending on what is happening. It can be prosecuted as domestic assault, sexual conduct, theft, assault or another crime. If you suspect that someone has been abused, contact your local law enforcement or adult protective services. Keep in contact with older neighbors, friends and relatives to be aware of possible abuse. Help to raise awareness by talking a out the issue.Someplace Safe is available to help at no cost to you. Trained advocates can talk with you about what is happening and explore available options to help you decide what steps to take to keep you safe. Please contact us today for assistance

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