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Otto Bremer Foundation invests in Violence Prevention, Training, & Education

We are thrilled to announce that the Otto Bremer Foundation, majority owner of Bremer Bank, recently awarded $70,970.00 to Someplace Safe! The funds will be used to help with community violence prevention education and training. Diane Kittelson, has been hired as the Director of Training & Education. Diane brings over 10 years of violence prevention experience in advocacy, education, and community organizing. She served 6 years on the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women's Board of Directors and 2 years on the Minnesota Victim Assistance Academy Steering Committee. Diane has provided numerous trainings and educational opportunities throughout the Someplace Safe service area as well as statewide. You can contact Diane directly at diane.k@someplacesafe.info with questions. The Otto Bremer Foundation and Bremer Bank are committed to building healthy communities," said Carol Juul, president of Bremer Bank in Fergus Falls, MN. "It's gratifying that our owner and partner, the Otto Bremer Foundation, has offered its backing to this great organization, which provides critical services to support the overall health of our community and the surrounding area. These dollars would not be available without the support of our Bremer Bank clients. When clients bank with Bremer, we generate profits, a portion of which we deliver to the Foundation which then uses those funds to make grants in communities like ours." As many of you know, Someplace Safe is a crime victim service provider, specializing in high-quality advocacy services for victims and survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence, and general crimes. We operate ten advocacy offices, directly serving a nine-county rural area in the west central portion of the state. In addition to these supportive services, five Parenting Time Centers provide locations for parent-child visitation and exchange services (based sliding fee scale) to help strengthen family relationships. Someplace Safe's retail Thrift Stores offers unique opportunities for both clients and community members. Said Sheila Korby, Executive Director, "Since 1979, Someplace Safe has expanded and adapted programming to better meet the changing needs of the communities we serve. To create a safer world for everyone, we work to eliminate violence and oppression through advocacy, education, and services. This is the mission of Someplace Safe, the guiding force behind all of our work, and the overarching goal of the organization's staff, Board of Directors, and supporters. Our vision is Someplace Safe for Everyone, which we work to achieve by offering Safety, Options, and Hope for the individuals and communities with whom we partner. We now look forward to partnering with the Otto Bremer Foundation on this new and exciting work."

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