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Live Free Without Violence Flag Campaign

Every year in Minnesota more than twenty people are murdered as a result of domestic violence. Each death is a tragic loss for that woman''s family, her friends, co-workers and community. Each woman''s death is also a loss for each of us, an indication that domestic violence is still an integral part of our society. The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women (MCBW) tracks and documents each murder and annually publishes a femicide report. The Live Violence Free flag campaign is a project to increase community awareness and to promote community involvement around domestic violence focusing on the femicide repor.Every time that there is domestic violence homicide, there is a short time of media attention and a community feeling of helplessness. The flag campaign is a way to give domestic violence homicides more meaning, to give individuals and community groups a way to take action. The core of the flag campaign is that each time there is a domestic violence homicide in Minnesota, individuals and organizations will display the flag for one week. Flags will be displayed across Minnesota at the same time to bring awareness of the domestic violence homicide and to start a local community conversation about ending domestic violence.About the FlagOn November 25, 1960, the three Mirabal sisters were murdered in the Dominican Republic by military intelligence after months of torture. The sisters were active in the underground and took part in activities against the dictator. The courage of the Mirabal sisters is now regarded worldwide as a symbol for women to develop the necessary force for advocacy against any injustice.In 1981 at a meeting of Latin American and Caribbean feminists in Bogota Colombia, the participants paid tribute to the Mirabel sisters and the date of their death as a memorial for all the victims of violence against women and girls. In 1999, the United Nation''s General Assemble designated November 25th as International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Terre des Femmes, a women''s rights NGO in Germany developed a flag campaign to promote awareness of violence against women and recognize the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The Live Violence Free (frei leben ohne gewalt) flag was designed and distributed to towns and cities throughout Germany. Since 2001 the flag has been distributed to more than 800 organizations in approximately 90 countries. Each organization uses the flag to increase awareness, deciding on exactly how they will use the flag.MCBW & the Flag Campaign In 2010, MCBW purchased the rights to use the Live Violence Free flag. Plans for use of the flag have been developed and now MCBW is seeking funding in order to print and distribute the flag throughout Minnesota.Each year, MCBW releases the femicide report which documents the murders due to domestic violence in Minnesota. The release of the 2012 Femicide Report will happen in January 2013.The Live Violence Free flags will be printed and distributed to all of MCBW member programs along with a copy of the most recent Femicide Report. On November 24, 2012, the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women, each program will display the flag in recognition of the women killed due to domestic violence. A copy of the femicide report, along with background information and talking points about the femicide report and talking points about the flag campaign, will be provided to each program. Member programs will also be given ten smaller, individual banners to distribute to supporters in the community to display as well.Everyone who receives a flag, whether a program, business or individual, will provide a contact email address to MCBW and will agree to display the flag on the day of the femicide report release, on November 24th for the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women and for one week each time there is a domestic violence homicide in Minnesota. Each time there is a domestic violence homicide, MCBW will send an email alert to all flag recipients with information about the homicide and a request that the flag be displayed for one week.Each organization can choose to do additional activities/events in conjunction with the flag display but, at a minimum, each program agrees to display the flag for one week. Additional events might include a candlelight vigil, educational presentations, concerts, readings, or a local press conference. Each program can determine whether to hold an additional event. MCBW staff will provide support to programs for these events.MCBW will advertise and promote the Live Violence Free flag campaign among and through the other statewide coalitions, with partnering agencies and allied groups. Where possible, MCBW will request that individuals and organizations purchase the flag at cost. As funding allows, MCBW will provide the flag at reduced or no cost for those interested in being part of the campaign but who do not have the financial means to purchase the flag. Each individual, business, organization that signs onto the campaign will agree to display the flag for one week each time they are notified of a domestic violence homicide as well as on the femicide report release day and on November 24th.BenefitsThe Live Violence Free Flag campaign is an easy way for individuals and programs to do something in response to domestic violence homicides and to become part of a statewide initiative addressing domestic violence. The fact that the Live Violence Free flag is used by the European Union provides a connection to the international community as well.By having a unified response that continues over time, the general public will become aware of domestic violence on a new level. A visual presence in every community whenever a domestic violence homicide occurs will keep domestic violence concerns a part of local conversation.Domestic violence is not just about the individuals who suffer abuse; it is about an environment that promotes excuses or ignores violence. Providing services to victims of abuse is critical for those individuals; engaging the full community is essential for ending violence. The flag campaign is one approach for wider, on-going community engagement. This information has been provided by the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women. Visit www.mcbw.org for more information or questions about the campaign 

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