24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 800-974-3359

Volunteers Needed!

Someplace Safe depends on volunteers and community members like you. Nearly 7,876.5 hours of service were contributed by approximately 201 dedicated individuals this past year, helping support our work and outreach efforts. These contributions equaled an economic impact worth nearly $214.240.80, all from individuals giving their time!

Our dedicated volunteers go above and beyond in helping us to create safe, healthy communities. A variety of volunteer opportunities are available throughout the agency. To learn more about volunteering at Someplace Safe, visit: Volunteer/Intern | Someplace Safe |

You may also contact your local Someplace Safe office to learn about current volunteer opportunities:

Contact Us | Someplace Safe |

Interested? Take our brief Volunteer Survey below or send an email to volunteer@someplacesafe.info.

CURRENT VOLUNTEERS: Take Our Volunteer Survey!! (Approximately 5-10 minutes)

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