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Wahl Celebrates 20 Years with Someplace Safe!

Emilyn Wahl is celebrating 20 years with Someplace Safe! Emilyn has been instrumental in the enrichment of the Parenting Time Centers programming in her time with the agency.

Emilyn was hired as a Parenting Time Center monitor and later became the director of Parenting Time Centers. She has many accomplishments during her time at Someplace Safe, including:

  • developing on-line training for PTC monitors
  • implementing Nurturing Parents curriculum for parents at PTC to enhance their parenting skills
  • implementing secure cases database to streamline PTC for clients and staff
  • a member of Supervised Visitation Board, where she is currently the board chair
  • providing training and education on de-escalation, mandated reporting, and other topics

Congratulations Emilyn!

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