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Parenting Time Centers

The constancy of the parent-child relationship is key to a child’s sense of security, feelings of self-worth, and development. Yet, many children today are deeply and adversely affected by lack of quality contact with a parent due to situations out of their control, including divorce, separation or family violence and abuse.

Someplace Safe Parenting Time Centers (PTC) are located in Fergus Falls, Glenwood, Morris, Ortonville and Perham. Someplace Safe Parenting Time Centers (PTC) are designed to assure that children can have safe and conflict-free access to parents through a variety of services delivered by trained providers. Each center provides a safe, neutral location for drop off, pick up and visitation of children. PTC offers staggered arrival times, separate entrances, and parents maintain no contact during the exchange of children. PTC and its staff encourage respectful communication within families, help to establish a parenting time routine, and offer parents referrals to other community resources.

PTC services include:

  • Supervised visits and exchanges
  • Scheduling assistance
  • Virtual and Zoom visits
  • Nurturing Parenting classes

(*Fees apply to PTC services.)

PTC is a program of Someplace Safe. The PTCs operate separately from Someplace Safe’s Advocacy programs, with separate staff to alleviate conflicts of interest and maintain confidentiality. However, in many communities, the PTC may be co-located with, or near, Someplace Safe’s local Advocacy offices. See Someplace Safe PTC locations

Beginning Services:

PTC Staff must create a participant profile on Someplace Safe Parenting Time Center’s Secure Cases Database before you begin services. All forms must be completed on Secure Cases before scheduling an orientation. For more information on beginning services please go to Secure Cases website at: https://ptc.securecases.net/inquiry.asp

Morris | 218-503-2143

Glenwood | 320-424-2301

Ortonville | 320-305-1400

Perham | 218-298-1501

Fergus Falls | 218-739-3132

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Payments made do not grant immediate access to your Secure Cases account. Parenting Time Centers must process payment upon receipt and will do so as soon as able.

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