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End It Movement

The End It Movement is representative of Someplace Safe's efforts in the fight for freedom. We work in conjunction with local partners, and are doing the work, on the ground, everyday, to bring awareness, prevention, rescue, and restoration in the area of human trafficking and modern day slavery.

Learn More about the #ENDITMOVEMENT

Someplace Safe invites you to join in the “End It” Movement as well, in support of local and international victims and survivors of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. There are many ways that you may learn more about the End It Movement, and involve yourself in ending human trafficking and modern-day slavery:

  • Learn more about End it Movement at enditmovement.com
  • Learn more about what Minnesota is doing to combat Human Trafficking at through the Minnesota Human Trafficking Taskforce at mnhttf.org
  • Learn more about Someplace Safe's specialized services available to victims of human trafficking by clicking HERE
  • Request a presentation for your business, community group, faith community, or peers by visiting our Training & Education Page

Get involved in the End It Movement.

Here are a few ideas you may do in your community…

Host a movie screening in your community to learn more about human trafficking • Schedule a presentation for your faith group • Organize a 5K / 10K to raise awareness • Talk to your local government representatives about human trafficking in your community • Host a dance-a-thon to raise money to support Someplace Safe or local programs that support youth • Write an article on human slavery issues happening around the globe • Host a day of pampering for survivors at your spa or salon • Encourage your company to look into your supply chain practices • Tell your school you're in it to end it by writing a paper on slavery • Host an event at your campus on 2/22/19 • Post flyers about 2/22/19 in your dorm or apartment • Bike in a race on behalf of Someplace Safe • Get your whole company to participate on shine a light on slavery day • Host a pancake social and donate the proceeds • Make and sell bracelets to raise awareness • Use red shoe polish to tag your car on shine a light on slavery day • Get a tattoo for freedom • Write a song in honor of the men, women and children trapped in slavery around the world • Host a book club reading a discuss books on the topic

For more information visit: https://enditmovement.com/index.php

Save the Date for the “Shine a Light on Slavery Day” on February 7, 2019.

You may also join Someplace Safe, and supporters and allies from across the world during “Shine a Light on Slavery Day” on February 7th. On this day, supporters and allies across the world will raise awareness for human trafficking and modern-day slavery by marking their hands with a red “X” and sharing it on social media.

Participating is easy! Simply mark your hand with a red "X" on February 7th. Snap a photo of your red "X" participation and post it on social media to help spread the word! Let your red "X" tell the world about the #ENDITMOVEMENT.

Drawing a red "X" on your hand may seem simple at first, but you'll be amazed at the conversations it prompts with people in your everyday life!

The "Shine a Light on Slavery Day" is part of the “End It” Movement, a national effort to shine a light on human trafficking and modern-day slavery. The “End It” movement is comprised of a coalition of leading organizations around the world who are fighting for freedom, while bring awareness, prevention, rescue, and restoration to communities across the nation.

For more information visit: https://enditmovement.com/#swipe-cta.

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