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May is Supervised Visitation Awareness Month!


Someplace Safe Parenting Time Center (PTC) is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN), an organization consisting of over 800 visitation providers worldwide, dedicated to providing safe parental access for families. SVN dedicated May as supervised visitation/monitored exchange month in 2001 to help bring awareness to this important service for families around the world. The purpose of the campaign is to use the symbol of the orange ribbon throughout the month of May (and each day of the year) to raise awareness about the need and impact of supervised visitation. The color orange is used throughout the month, as it is a bright color which warns people to watch out or take notice. For this reason, SVN has adopted the orange ribbon with the goal that individuals around the world to see the orange ribbon and take notice of the thousands of children and families in need of this important service.

Someplace Safe PTC offers safe, unbiased, child-friendly locations where parents can exchange their children, or have supervised parenting time with their children in instances of abuse, crime, divorce, or other conflict. In addition, parents who need supervision while with their children can do so in an atmosphere conducive to healthy parent-child interaction. PTC also ensures the safety of adult victims during the exchange of children, with staggered arrival times and separate entrances in order for parents maintain no contact during the exchange of children. PTC offers a variety of services, including: supervised parenting times, safe exchanges, contact exchanges, supervised phone visits, Skype visits, and a scheduling service for children and their parent(s). PTC is also a proud member of SVN and follows SVN Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Someplace Safe PTC are available in Fergus Falls, Perham, Morris, Ortonville, and Glenwood. For more information, visit www.someplacesafe.info/helping-someone/parenting-time-centers/ or call 218.739.3132.For more information on Supervised Visitation Awareness Month, visit: www.svnetwork.net.

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