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Nurturing Parenting: Creating a Home of Caring, Love, Respect and Dignity.

May is Supervised Visitation Awareness Month, and throughout the country, many organizations pause to highlight the important role supervised visitation programs play in keeping our communities safer. Supervised visitation has evolved into a critical component of communities' response structures for families who have experienced challenging and often traumatic events that have led to one parent needing supervised contact with their children.

Someplace Safe's Parenting Time Centers are designed to assure that children can have safe and conflict-free access to parents through a variety of services delivered by trained providers. Each center provides a safe, neutral location for drop off, pick up and visitation of children. PTC offers staggered arrival times, separate entrances, and parents maintain no contact during the exchange of children. PTC and its staff encourage respectful communication within families, help to establish a parenting time routine, and offer parents referrals to other community resources.

This month, we want to explore a component of the PTC programming that folks may not be as familiar with - the Nurturing Parenting Program.

The Nurturing Parenting Program is a trauma-informed, family-based program designed for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Through the Nurturing Parenting curriculum, certified Parent Coaches work with parents to help them learn positive and caring nurturing skills. The program is competency-based. Each referred parent will complete an assessment at the time of implementing this as part of their supervised parenting time services. Throughout parent’s participation in this program there are competencies designed to measure when parents have acquired a new understanding and demonstrate new skills that represent nurturing parenting strategies and practices. Participation in this program requires compliance of the participant to arrive for scheduled parenting times and follow Parenting Time Center policies. For more information on Nurturing Parenting, please view their website at: https://www.nurturingparenting.com

Parents enrolled in the program will complete an assessment after approximately three visits at one of Someplace Safe's Parenting Time Centers. The assessment focuses on: Expectations of Children; Empathy; Discipline; Family Roles; and Power & Independence. Once an assessment is completed, a personalized Family Nurturing Plan is developed and implemented with each family.

These lessons occur prior to Parenting Times visits at the centers. Nurturing Parenting trained and certified PTC staff meet one on one with the visiting party/parties and go through each lesson. Parents are encouraged to use and utilize the skills learned during their Parenting Times with their children.

Someplace Safe's PTCs have seen great success with this program, and every parent who has completed the program has seen growth, success, and overall improvement in their parenting skills and assessment scores in all areas at its completion. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the Nurturing Parenting Program, or Someplace Safe's Parenting Time centers, reach out to us at 218-739-3132 or visit us online.

Nurturing Parenting information from Someplace Safe Parenting Time Centers Handbook (2021), Nurturing Parenting Skills for Families in Supervised Visitation Facilitator's Manual, as well as NurturingParenting.com.

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Nurturing Parenting: Creating a Home of Caring, Love, Respect and Dignity.

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