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Youth Find Can Find Support at Someplace Safe

In the last year, Someplace Safe worked with 461 individuals ages 18 and under, with nearly 80 of those seen through our Safe Harbor programming for youth experiencing or at risk of human trafficking or exploitation. In the most recent three months alone, our youth advocates have seen 94 clients, with numbers continuing to rise as outreach increases.

A seventeen-year-old client who sought out Someplace Safe’s youth services shared this with their advocate,

“Thank you for believing in me and supporting me through my decisions. Sometimes they weren’t all the best decisions, but you were there to help me all the way through when others abandoned me and gave up on me. I know I have learned from many things with your encouragement to keep on going and I thank you for that! I’m not done yet!”

This is what it looks like when we support youth fully and meet them where they are, while helping provide options for safety and resources. Someplace Safe believes that it is imperative to provide youth options in an accepting, non-judgmental and confidential environment. A variety of services are often needed and offered, including, but not limited to: provision of basic needs (food, clothing, personal care products, etc), referrals to other services/agencies, individual and group counseling, safety planning, online safety education and support, assistance with housing and shelter, and more.

It’s important for parents/guardians and caregivers to know what their youth are doing online at home, at school and out in the community. Prevention education is very important when it comes to our youth. While Safe Harbor services have long been available through Someplace Safe to help support youth and young adults experiencing human trafficking or exploitation, earlier this year, the agency was able to hire an additional position specifically focused on the advocacy needs of youth. Our new youth advocate shared that, “even though this is a new program, it has been quite successful. I have been able to provide services to numerous youth who are victims of crime and have helped support them in becoming safer and healthier. I continue to work on outreach by collaborating with community, education, and systems partners to build awareness of the availability of services to reach as many youths in our communities as possible!”

To find out more about how you can make an impact with local youth, donate or become involved in other ways, contact Someplace Safe at 218-770-4256 (call/text) or 800-974-3359.

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Youth Find Can Find Support at Someplace Safe

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