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Why Sharing Our History Matters

This month's blog was written by Kris Warhol, former staff and long-time supporter and Friend of Someplace Safe, in honor of Women's History Month. We are so grateful for Kris's continued support and contributions to helping build safer communities in West Central Minnesota!

March is Women's Herstory/History Month. Minnesota's History of four pivotal and vital contributions whose activision, leadership and creativity made for a more equitable place for all. Julie B. Nelson 1842-1914 (Suffragist and founding mother of Minnesota); Marie Bottineau Baldwin 1863-1952 (Pioneering Indigenous legal leader and activist); Dr. Martha Ripley 1843-1922 (Suffragist and pioneer of medicine and women's health); and Nellie Griswold Francis 1874-1969 (African American Suffragist and Civil Rights Pioneer).

The role of women in history and culture, and their enlightenment, significantly changed the lives of women and continues to this day. When we dig a little deeper into our country's history adding artists and political leaders, we find women such as Georgia O'Keeffe, Judy Chicago, Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In Minneapolis, MN, the Tubman Organization was founded in 1976. That is a forty-seven-year history of helping victims of Domestic Violence. In that year it was only the third Shelter for victims of Domestic Violence in the entire country. Harriet Tubman's personal motto was "Keep Going".

A task force representing Minnesota's Region IV was organized in 1978. It was decided Fergus Falls would be the location for opening a Shelter that would serve victims and survivors of Domestic Violence in seven surrounding counties in 1979. Since then, it has grown to include more counties and services to address violence and crime.

Compassion drives the dedication of Someplace Safe Advocates. It truly takes a community to stop Domestic Violence. Advocacy is an abstract term defining what we do. Social change activists often reject job titles like counselor, case manager, social worker because it de-politicizes our work.

Someplace Safe is in their 44th year. Sharing our History matters. Why it matters and how it became important is relevant. Artists, politicians and forward thinkers have and continue to shift the hierarchy for women. Advocacy shifts the power to the individual, empowering the oppressed.

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