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Preparing for College: Knowing Your Options

Leaving for college is full of many new things and firsts. First time leaving home with new bed sheets and décor. First time living alone or with a new roommate. College is a great time to spread your wings, get a feeling of independence, and hopefully have some fun and learn something too! But what if something goes wrong? What if something feels off but you’re not sure what to do? Are you ever prepared for who to turn to? Here are 2 things I wish I knew when I left for college and I think everyone, student or not, should know.

When in doubt, reach out to someone. Your advisor, a counselor, trusted staff/faculty, your local community advocate, or even a friend or family member. If something is making you feel uncomfortable or even feels just a little off, you don’t have to just accept it! You deserve to feel safe and comfortable. Talking to someone trusted not only helps validate that you may be uncomfortable or uneasy, but they can help safety plan moving forward. A friend might help intervene if they know an individual makes you uncomfortable. On college campuses, advisors or counselors may be able to help you move dorms or classes without having to make an official report or notify the other person. There are always options, you just have to reach out to someone and ask for help. You don’t have to be alone.

Always call 911 in an emergency. Whether for yourself or someone else; if someone’s safety is at risk, call for help. You may find yourself or others in an emergency on-campus or off-campus. Whether it be safety, security, or medical related crisis, be sure to call for help. Calling for emergency services can save a life.

No matter what the situation is, there are always options. You just have to take the step and reach out for help. Whether it’s for yourself and you’re unsure about a situation or if you’re with someone who may have alcohol poisoning, make the call. You deserve to feel safe and comfortable, no matter where you are. If you or someone you know is in need of advocacy services, contact Someplace Safe 24/7 at 800-974-3359 or visit our website at www.someplacesafe.info.

Thank you to Stevens County Crime Victim Advocate, Autumn, for submitting this guest blog!

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