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Volunteers Wanted!

Have you ever wanted to get more involved with Someplace Safe, but just aren't sure how? Here's your chance! Someplace Safe has recently reorganized our volunteer materials and process, and we're ready to help you find the right fit! We will host our 1-hour volunteer orientation monthly at the Someplace Safe Thrift Store in Alexandria. This will give more individuals a chance to see what we're all…

Someplace Safe Thrift Store Gearing up for Move

The countdown is on to the opening of the Someplace Safe Thrift Store on May 29th, 2012, at its new location at 801 Co Rd 44 NW #114 (next to Casey's gas station) in Alexandria. Someplace Safe staff and volunteers are hard at work moving and setting up the new Thrift Store. Generous donations from the community are being accepted Monday - Friday from 10:30am-1:30pm at the new location, and are coming…

April 25 is National Denim Day

Join Someplace Safe and others across the U.S. for National Denim Day on April 25 by wearing denim and helping to spread the word that there is No Excuse for Sexual Violence! Get your PLEDGE FORM HERE! Denim Day is a campaign to prevent sexual violence through education and public awareness. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Denim Day is a call to action for all people to come together…

Demand the Change - Open Communication

April 24: Create an environment of open communication about sex and sexuality. I was listening to the radio on my way to work today and they had a segment called "Group Therapy". During this segment, a caller can talk about a personal problem or dilemma on the radio and then ask for feedback. The caller would then receive insight, personal opinions, and advice from the listeners as well as the radio…

Demand the Change - Volunteers Matter!

April 16: Demand the Change by connecting with Someplace Safe, or your local crisis center, and considering ways that you can give back. Today marks the beginning of National Volunteer Week, April 15-21, 2012. This week is set aside for organizations to honor the individuals in their communities who have chosen to give back with a precious gift--their time. While this is a time that agencies show their…

Demand the Change - Model for Our Youth

April 11: Encourage adults to be mindful of the attitudes and behaviors they display in front of young people. It is normal and natural for children to look to the adults in their life for to understand the difference between boys and girls. Part of developing an identity includes finding answers to questions such as, "How are we the same?" and "How are we different?" Children find answers to these…

Demand the Change - Write to Reach Out

April 9: Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and address how your community has become normalized to the sexually toxic environment. As we work toward changing the social norms that foster sexual violence, it is important for communities to be engaged in this process. Your local news media is an effective way to reach groups of people in your community with information and resources.…

Demand the Change - Social Pressures of Privacy

April 5: Spend the day linking social pressures of privacy to fostering silence for victims of sexual violence. Current messages addressing privacy reinforce ideas about individual and family privacy, fostering secrecy and silence. The culture of silence around sexual violence fosters an environment that contributes to the normalizing sexual harm. We live in a society in which no one wants to talk…

Demand the Change - Masculinity

April 4: Learn more about how narrow definitions of masculinity contribute to sexual violence. Traditional constructs of manhood include notions of domination, control, and risk-taking. Social and peer pressure leaves little room for boys or men to be anything but what is limited by social norms. The expectation for boys and men is to be control of every situation, be the leader, be tough and powerful,…

Demand the Change - Focusing on Females

April 3: Spend the day focusing on traditional female roles and the impact this has on sexual violence. While women's rights have come a long way from not being allowed to own property, vote, or even have the choice to use birth control, we still have a long way to go. Society still reinforces limited roles for women. Take a look at how women are portrayed in mainstream media. What are the common images…

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September 23

Standpoint New Laws sponsored by Someplace Safe

Holiday Inn, Alexandria, MN


September 24

Standpoint New Laws sponsored by Someplace Safe

Holiday Inn, Alexandria, MN


October 01

Fall Calendar Raffle Fundraiser - Morris

Old No. 1 Bar & Grill (stay tuned for COVID-19 related updates)

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